Phoenix MBA

The continuous advancement of technology, specifically the educational technology, today leads to the flock of business professionals to business schools to be more competent in their own field of specification and purpose. One of these schools is the University of Phoenix that is offering a wide range of business courses such as its MBA degree programs. This article, however, primarily centers on the University of Phoenix MBA degree and its admission requirements.

Perhaps you may wonder whether there are business schools that do not require results from Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) as a course requirement since a lot of universities and colleges require and only accept candidates who already have GMAT score along with their academic qualifications and work experience associated to their desired degree.

What is so unique about the University of Phoenix MBA degree entry is the fact that it does not require your GMAT score. The university assesses and recognizes candidates for its MBA programs according to their undergraduate grade point average (GPA), which it finds to be a better predictor for the students to be admitted to its business administration post-graduate program.

You should have attained an undergraduate degree from any of the U.S.-accredited university or college as well as a cumulative grade point average or CGPA score of 2.5 before getting into a graduate degree.

If you are a foreign student, it is recommended that you need to look for an advice from the University of Phoenix MBA degree admissions counselors. Your enrollment can usually be accepted if your local institute is accredited internationally and if your previously attended lectures were fully given in English language. You will be required to have TOEFL score to continue your tertiary business education if you are a resident from non-native English-speaking countries.

The University of Phoenix MBA degree also requires you to attain a minimum of three years experience in the workforce as well as an active employment or job so that you can immediately apply the theories and concepts the school will provide you and offer insight during your interactive classes online. This approach will allow you to have active participation your class discussions about case studies in which you will be asked to apply business concepts with the aid of their course facilitator or lecturers. This activity will demonstrate how you will deal with the real business operations and problems in the real world of business.

So, if you think you have what it takes to be an eligible student for the University of Phoenix MBA degree, take note of the above-mentioned requirements and qualifications before starting your MBA course through online learning. Another thing that you should take into account is that completing an MBA course online is not as easy as you think it is. Self-discipline, consulting, and proper planning are what all it takes to be successful in your academic dream and in your life as a whole.

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