Online MBA Degree Programs

The primary purpose of this article is to feature the business education schools offering online MBA degree programs.

Online MBA degree courses become common these days in line with the ever-improving trend and competition in the labor market. However, finding cost-effective online MBAs is not an easy task since the flexibility in class where you opt to enroll may cost you a lot. Some people may not consider the extra cost an issue, while some may not be able to afford them. Is you are one of those who are really interested to take an online MBA program but financially incapacitated, worry no more are there are many business schools that offer inexpensive online MBA programs.

Below are some of the MBA colleges and universities providing affordable online MBA degree programs:

Baker College in Michigan

The Baker Online programs and the Baker College Center for Graduate Studies is considered part of the largest private college system in the state. The college grants in associate’s, certificates, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in health science, business, human services, and technical fields. Its online MBA program is regarded as one of the businesses regionally accredited programs by of the U.S. News & World Report. Its online MBA degrees specialize in finance, marketing, health care management, marketing, information management, human resource management, accounting, leadership studies, and general business.

Upper Iowa University in Fayette

Upper Iowa University is a non-profit private school providing cheap online MBA degree programs designed to provide students with the current concepts, theories, and learning models significant for leadership roles in organizations. It is dedicated to position its graduates in making relevant contributions to their companies as competent leaders. Its online MBA degrees provide its students with practical know-how and application expertise in new business models and techniques. It also expects its students to appreciate the challenges, needs, and opportunities encountered by organizations.

California State University in Dominguez Hills (CSUDH)

The online MBA degree courses at CSUDH aim to cater the academic requirements of busy individuals whose location limitations and professional responsibility keep them from attending on-site, traditional MBA degrees. CSUDH, which is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or AACSB, is committed to let professionals experience its innovative online MBA courses to develop insight on the practical and current topics and stay updated on what’s new in the business world.

Clarion University

Clarion University’s College of Business Administration offers an MBA course in different formats in response to the varied needs of its students. Its part-time distance learning MBA program is made available through its Virtual Campus to meet the needs of working professionals and those who seek for an authorized online MBA course for an affordable cost.

Plymouth State University, College of Graduate Studies

The online MBA degree programs at Plymouth State University are specifically made for students who are over 35 years old. These MBA degrees can be completed by means of a combination of online and face-to-face coursework. They are offered in the fields of international business, health care administration, strategic marketing management, and organizational communication.

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