MBA Syllabus

What is an MBA in Marketing program? What makes it different from any other MBA programs? You may answer all these questions by knowing the facets and opportunities waiting for you have you had finished this program. Where can you find all of these? Well, no other than from a syllabus of the course. Don’t go anywhere as this article will provide you the Marketing MBA Syllabus and its significance.

Note that an MBA in Marketing coursework is no farther when compared to any traditional MBA programs in the areas of finance, human resource management, strategic planning, sales management, organizational behavior, business operations, and public relations. Specializations with concentration in the marketing field like statistics, psychology, and economics are also offered. These are crucial in understanding the behaviors of customers as well as in purchasing patterns required for a marketing strategy. This information is covered in MBA syllabus.

Below are some typical examples of MBA courses with emphasis on marketing.

Marketing Management

As an MBA Marketing student, you need to have understanding on marketing’s conceptual framework, its applications in making sound decisions, and how it is being applied in various environmental constraints. This course allows you to learn pricing strategies and policies to various facets affecting decisions associated to pricing. The curriculum of this course covers consumer behavior, market segmentation, market analysis, consumer decision-making process, business customer, and positioning.

Supply Chain Management and Business Logistics

Marketing MBA syllabus for the curriculum of supply chain management and business logistics covers familiarization of inventory management, purchasing, logistics management, warehousing, shipping, and mathematical approaches to vendor assessment as well as management of supply chain and Information Technology (IT) approach.

Business Environment

Several MBA in Marketing courses begin through learning general business environment to obtain the necessary tools in analyzing circumstances and opportunities to make sound decisions in business. Included in the coursework of this program are government roles linked to social responsibility, business, financial analysis, and economic planning. The legal aspects of business such as import/export regulations, competition, and consumer protection are also included in this curriculum.

International Business

Basic understanding of international business concepts and operations is deemed crucial in every aspect of business due to our changing and improving economy. You need to have knowledge on trade theory, transnational business, international institutions, and international political considerations. When it comes to the marketing side of international business, this MBA in Marketing allows you to specialize in certain areas such as in the balance of trade, international pricing policy, understanding global marketplace, risk management in international business and marketing, and imports and exports.

Financial Management

MBA in Marketing course contributes to the financial management in an organization of business enterprise as it provides a financial expert a conceptual framework. This course enables you to learn the primary tools and techniques essential in employing strong financial decision making such as managerial accounting and planning and forecasting.

These courses and the MBA syllabus of each of these marketing courses are available in well-established schools like JNTU, Anna University, HPU, PUNE University, and VTU.

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