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Stanford Graduate School of Business an extension of Stanford University is a private graduate business school located in Stanford, California, United States. The School of Business was established in 1925 making it the second oldest graduate business school in the country. The School of Business has consistently been ranked in the top five best business schools in the world providing best Stanford MBA Programs.

Stanford MBA Programs – Details

Stanford MBA Programs

Stanford MBA Programs – West Gate of University

An MBA is a master’s degree in business administration. The MBA programs originated in the United States at the end of the 19th century to help educated individuals to be productive in the industrialized country. The core classes that compose an MBA are finance, marketing, accounting, operations management, human resources, and a selection of elective courses.

The school offers full time MBA programs to qualified applicants.

Duration: These full time MBA programs are broken down into two academic years.

  • Year One: Year one is where applicants learn the general basis for management knowledge and work to gain more global experience. The first year is highly structured.

o   General Management Perspectives: This series of courses starts out the first year of the MBA program by jumping into management issues. It is where the applicant must debate and defend different views of management and the issues that arise with management practices.

o   General Management Foundation: These set of courses tend to start around the end of the first quarter. The applicant will develop more personalized plans for their management courses. These classes offer a variety of choices for the applicant.

o   Global Experience Requirement: this is where the applicant will be invited to participate in trips to different global businesses. This is used to promote international business relations as well as give the student an idea of how business is accomplished in different global settings.

  • Year Two: The second year of the MBA program is where applicants will conduct their electives studies. Electives are intended to help refine business skills as well as broaden personal experiences and knowledge. The MBA program offers compressed seminar classes for their students. These compressed seminar classes usually last for a duration of one to two weeks. Individuals also have the option to apply normal electives offered at the university towards their MBA programs or towards secondary degrees.

Stanford MBA Programs – Eligibility:

  • The MBA program is highly selective. Applicants will not be judged on just one factor but will be judged as a whole. Factors that are taken into consideration are your work background and experience, the applicants business perspective, and how well all of it fits into the goals and aspirations of the Stanford MBA program.
  • The applicant must be proficient in English since courses and seminars are conducted in the English language. International applicants may be required to submit test scores or conduct over the phone interviews before being considered for a position.
  • Applicants that demonstrate potential leadership qualities are encouraged to apply. The university strives itself on not only picking academically qualified candidates but also candidates that have a special passion for their work and strive for excellence in their chosen programs.
  • The applicant must provide at least two letters of recommendation from academic sources.

Stanford MBA Programs – How to Apply:

Applicants are required to fill out an application online through the school’s main website.

The applicant is required to ensure that the school receives all of the appropriate documentation needed to make an informed decision about whether the candidate will be a good fit with the MBA program at Stanford. This includes any publications or work experience that the applicant might have.

Financial Aid:

The MBA program is not cheap. Financial aid is available in the form of loans and fellowships. Fellowships are all need based as the Stanford Graduate School of Business does not offer academic merit based scholarships or fellowships. These fellowships will only help fund a small portion of the overall program and applicants are required to contribute a portion of their normal income to help pay for the additional fees. Upon successfully accepting an offer to study the applicant will be considered for financial aid and fellowships.


The deadline for applications are as follows:

Round 1- 1st of October

Round 2- 7th of January

Round 3- 1st of April

Last Note:

Stanford MBA Programs –Student bikes

Stanford MBA Programs –Student bikes

It is important to note that if you are interested in any of online courses from Stanford Graduate School of Business. They directly don’t offer Stanford Online MBA Programs, however they offer two 1 year distance learning business certificates;  Stanford Lead Certificate and Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate. Both certificates can be useful towards high end executive and business jobs or on the bases of these certificates, you can later join Stanford MBA Programs.

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