MBA Programs at MIT Sloan School of Management

The University

The MIT Sloan School of Management is the private business school for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Sloan School offers a variety of different degrees at all levels with their largest available program being their MBA program. MIT Sloan School of Management entertains a successful reputation as a school of invention and innovation. MIT Sloan is the birthplace of many of the most famous finance and management theories in the world today.

MBA Programs

The MBA program at MIT Sloan is one of the world’s highest rated MBA programs as well as one of the most selective. The MBA program invites applicants for over 60 different countries to come and study. The goal of the MBA program is to provide applicants with successful leadership skills and the confidence to accomplish challenges and to help propel career aspirations and goals.


The duration of the MBA program can rely heavily on each individual applicant. Applicants are awarded many unique opportunities to participate in classes and programs that will help to accelerate their careers.

  • First-Semester Core- This is the core foundation of the MBA program. Applicants will be working with a small team of classmates throughout their core studies. These core classes are intense and delivered in a way that only lasts for a maximum duration of one academic semester. These core classes build the foundation that the rest of your MBA program will follow.
  • Sloan Innovation Period- this option replaces that more traditional 13 week academic semester that allows applicants to engage in exploration outside of the classroom setting. The SIP is completed during the midway point in an academic semester and allows the applicants one intense experiential leadership week. This period allows applicants to focus on interest areas and customize their personal experiences.
  • Independent Activities Period- this period is focused around winter breaks and offers applicants a four week period full of lectures, how to classes, as well as business tours. The goal of this activity period is to allow applicants to broaden their horizons in an educational sense and to explore their own personal interests with their classmates.
  • MBA Tracks- These tracks are specialized courses in Finance, Enterprise Management, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. There is also the option to obtain a certificate in Sustainability. These track programs offer a more defined academic path without limiting the applicant’s freedom to choose. Applicants are only allowed to take MBA tracks program at a time.



  • The applicant must have a strong academic background and must submit previous academic transcripts for consideration.
  • The applicant must show proficiency in the English language
  • The applicant must demonstrate leadership skills and business potential
  • The applicant should provide at least two letters of recommendation
  • The applicant must submit a personal essay detailing why they believe they would benefit from this program and how they would positively impact the business world
  • The applicant must supply all previous business work related history


September 23rd – Round 1 Deadline

January 8th– Round 2 Deadline

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