MBA Programs at INSEAD

The University

INSEAD is a private graduate business school with campuses located in France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. INSEAD offers numerous different business degrees to include a full time program for the Masters of Business Administration or MBA as well as other master and doctoral programs.

INSEAD is one of the world’s leading business school permitting students to enter exchange programs from around the world. INSEAD is consistently ranked highly among business schools around the world providing on-site and INSEAD online MBA.

MBA Programs at INSEAD – Background

MBA Programs - Graduation

MBA Programs – Graduation

The MBA program at the school is one of the most culturally diverse programs in the world. Each year applicants from over 80 different nationalities come together to form the MBA classes. There is no dominant culture present which provides all candidates an equal opportunity to build lasting international ties. The INSEAD MBA program is also one of the shortest MBA programs currently available. That means less time out of the job market and less expenses.

MBA Programs and Scholarships:

The INSEAD MBA scholarships are one of the most sought after financial scholarships that that INSEAD provides. There is a limited number of scholarships available all with their own individual criteria’s for eligibility. The scholarships are broken down into two categories: need base, and academic merit base. There are scholarships to cover everything from need base to certain nationalities to gender. Scholarship application are online and awards range anywhere from covering tuition fees to offering up to €20,000 annually.


The INSEAD MBA program is a 10 month program that is broken down into five different periods each lasting a duration of eight weeks. After every academic period that applicant must take an assessment and then is allowed a break. The first two and a half periods of the program are committed to the 14 core classes that every student is mandated to complete. These 14 classes are intended to provide the student with a solid foundation. The next half is dedicated to a wide variety of electives that are personally chosen by the applicant. This gives the applicant the ability to tailor their education to meet their individual objectives and needs. The INSEAD offers over 75 different electives and the applicant will be responsible for choosing 11 of those electives.


  • The applicant must have a minimum of two years of solid career achievement and progression. More work experience is preferred for MBA candidates.
  • The applicant must demonstrate potential for leadership
  • The applicant must demonstrate the ability to positively contribute to the professional business world
  • The applicant must have a successful academic background
  • The applicant must demonstrate a sense of maturity as well as commitment.
  • The applicant must be proficient in the English language
  • The applicant must submit their test scores for the GMAT or GRE. These scores are only valid for a maximum duration of five years.

How to Apply

Applications for the INSEAD MBA program can be found online.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all the appropriate documentation is received by the school


MBA Programs at Insead - Graduates

MBA Programs at Insead – Graduates

January 2016 Intake for INSEAD MBA Program:

  • Round 1- 21st of March
  • Round 2- 28th of May
  • Round 3- 25th of July

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