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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Hong Kong UST Business School is a public business school located in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Business School is one of the top rated business schools in the world. The business school has a very strict grading curve which leads to roughly 15-20% of students being able to achieve passing grades.

Hong Kong UST Business School MBA Programs

The goal of the MBA programs at this school is to produce creative leaders who are not afraid to push boundaries. The MBA program caters to applicants from over twenty different countries and offers applicants a fast paced environment. The program is comprised of 52 credits with the majority being core curriculum classes while the other part is business electives that each applicant chooses for themselves.


The MBA program at the Hong Kong UST Business School offers two different options.

  • Accelerated 1 year Program- The accelerated twelve month program provided at the business school helps to provide a top quality MBA degree to applicants where staying away from their jobs for more than a year is not an option. It is the perfect option for applicants who are being sponsored by their companies of employment or have already obtained years of professional experience and are just looking to improve their portfolios.
  • Standard 16 month Program- this standard program is suited for applicants that are considering a career switch and need that something extra in their career portfolio. It is also a good option for applicants that are wishing to gain more international experience and exposure as well as gain a working knowledge of business in China and Asia. This option allows for internships to be completed during summer semesters and opportunities for international exchange programs with over 58 different business schools that share a partnership with the Hong Kong UST Business School.
  • MBA Accelerator- This option is for applicants that don’t have the necessary business experience or background for traditional MBA programs. These courses are delivered in 8 different sessions and is designed to help an applicant meet the requirements for a more traditional MBA program.


  • The applicant must have a strong academic background and must submit all previous academic transcripts for review.
  • The applicant must provide results for their GMAT.
  • The applicant should have at least two years of work experience in a business related field before applying to the MBA program
  • The applicant must show proficiency in the English language. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to learn Mandarin in order to better benefit for the culture as well as to help promote business ties. Mandarin courses can be taken along with a MBA program.
  • The applicant must supply at least three letters of recommendation from either academic scholars or from business professionals.
  • After successfully completing an application potential candidates will be shortlisted for interviews. Interviews will be conducted in person for domestic students and international students must make arrangements to conduct a video interview on the computer.


Round1- Nov 13th    
Round2- Jan 13th    
Round3- Mar 13th



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