MBA Program for Leadership Development at Harvard Business School

The University

Harvard Business School an extension of Harvard University is a private graduate business school located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The university was established originally in 1908 under Harvard’s humanities faculty but later in 1910 received independent school status and became a complete extension of Harvard University in 1913. The Harvard Business School became the first institute to establish a MBA program for students. Today the university offers a variety of full time doctoral programs, executive education programs, as well as MBA programs.


MBA Programs

An MBA is a master’s degree in business administration. The MBA programs originated in the United States at the end of the 19th century to help educated individuals to be productive in the industrialized country. The core classes that compose an MBA are finance, marketing, accounting, operations management, human resources, and a selection of elective courses. While the Harvard Business School offers many MBA programs there is one rapid MBA alternative program that we are going to discuss.

Program for Leadership Development

The PLD is a rapid paced MBA program intended for applicants that already have ten or more years of experience and are wishing to obtain leadership skills without having to sacrifice a lot of time to do so. The PLD is more tailored to the individuals needs instead of the structure that a more traditional MBA program would provide. The goal of the program is to help refine certain business skills and helps the individual have a deeper appreciation for the core of a business. It also brings together both domestic and international students from a variety of countries and companies in order to promote the individuals to share diverse outlooks and learn from other outlooks. This allows the applicant to understand business from different angles but also allows them to establish global networking links that will assist them when they become business leaders.

Duration: The PDL is an accelerated program. The program is broken into four different modules, with an optional fifth module available, that last for a duration of six months. There are two campus modules that are required, up to four weeks that an applicant will have to attend. The modules are:

  1. Module 1: Foundational Skill Building (Off campus)
  2. Module 2: Cross-Functioning Business Approaches (2 weeks on campus)
  3. Module 3: Strategy Formulation and Implementation (Off campus)
  4. Module 4: Actionable Leadership (2 weeks on campus)
  5. Module 5: Personal Leadership (2 weeks on campus optional)


  • The applicant should have at least ten years of work experience in a business related field
  • The applicant must commit to a full time 6 month accelerated program.
  • The applicant must be proficient in English in order to thrive in program. The only exception is for Chinese applicants as some of these courses are taught in English or Chinese.
  • Selection will be based off of merit and professional achievements.
  • The applicant is required to submit a sponsor statement. A sponsor statement is the same as a letter of recommendation. Sponsors are usually the individuals company and are the ones responsible for paying for the program and allowing for the work absences.

How to Apply:

Applications must be completed online or be requested through the mail in PDF format. In order for your application to be considered you must show sponsorship from your current company of employment. Your company is responsible for any education fees that you might accumulate during the intensive MBA program.

Deadline: The deadline for these programs is no less than 4 weeks before the start of the program. These programs fill up quickly and early applications are encouraged. The PLD will be commencing two upcoming sessions from July-January and another session from December to June.

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