MBA in Education

Before taking an MBA course, you would probably think of what future you will have after graduation as there are lots of careers that you may pursue upon completing an MBA degree. It is noted that an MBA degree is too broad as it prepares you to a number of administrative jobs either in the private or public sector. In fact, MBA in Education alone opens you to a wide variety of careers. Know some of these career opportunities through this article as we will be discussing possible jobs if you are a graduate of Education MBA.

Overseas Teaching

Principally, most of the teaching programs abroad require you have a certification for teaching English as a foreign language or TEFL, though you will not be required to have post-secondary training. Overseas teaching provides you an opportunity to experience life at other countries other than teaching in subjects such as economics, English, business, and mathematics. You may use this experience in your professional goals if you wish to pursue business management since international business these days becomes a norm rather than the exception. You may also use this course as a path for your primary career or as a part-time employment for personal fulfillment or for an additional income.

High School Teaching

MBA Education course gives you competence when compared to high school teachers who are holders of undergraduate degree only, even though having an MBA degree is not necessary at the high school level. This course enables high school teachers with MBA degree earn more money than bachelor’s degree holder teachers. It also prepares you to be an expert in teaching multiple subjects such as mathematics, business, and English.


MBA in Education not only allows you to have teaching career in primary, secondary, or postsecondary education levels, but it also gives you two career options. You can either be an educator to train students or you can be administrator in various positions such as a principal or an assistant to a principal. Having earned this course can give you an edge in getting administrative jobs since MBA programs teach managerial skills.

Postsecondary Teaching

Most colleges and universities require you to a bachelor’s degree or an MBA degree, or even a doctorate degree in certain subject that you opt to teach before you can be a full, tenured professor.  Your salary then will be dependent on your level of education learning as well as the length of your experience in specific field. This only indicates that high school teachers with significant MBA degree and work experience have better off pay.

Academic Consulting

MBA in Education students are given the free will in selecting their course work along with the principles of organization and leadership. Among these courses are classes in quantitative analysis and mathematics, which equip them with knowledge-based tools for academic consulting. An MBA with concentration in quantitative analysis prepares you for consulting duty at educational institutions.

The aforementioned career opportunities only suggests that attaining an MBA in Education degree program gives you an advantage to be professionally mobile in the labor market.

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