Businessweek and MBA Ranking

Businessweek is one of the journals that provide rankings of the business schools indicating the academic quality offered by various schools across the globe. This article will highlight and provide an overview of business schools outside USA included in the top MBA ranking list.

Among the schools listed in the MBA ranking for school year 2010-2011 are as follows.

Queen’s University

The MBA programs at Queen’s University are offered in five unique degrees. It’s Full-Time MBA Program; which is designed to develop essential team members, highly-skilled leaders, and effective executives; can be taken in 12 months. Its Executive MBA National Program is intended for working executives and managers that can be completed in 16 months. Classes of this program are held every Friday and Saturday for every other week of the month. Its Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA Program is one of a kind as it is partnership program between the Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management and Queen’s School of Business. Its Queen’s Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates is offered to students who are holders of undergraduate degree in business and at least two years of relevant experience. Its Juris Doctorate/MBA is a four-year combined program focusing on the strength of the intensive 12-month MBA.

IE Business School

Madrid, Spain-based IE Business School offers superb MBA programs through a combination of online interactive and face-to-face distance learning periods. It is notable for its top MBA ranking programs providing advanced business education to cater the needs of business professionals worldwide.

INSEAD in Spain and Abu Dhabi

INSEAD is remarkable in providing students with MBA programs in a multicultural experience. Its accelerated curriculum, which can be completed in six months, helps mold thoughtful and successful leaders and entrepreneurs who value not just their organizations, but their communities as well.

Western Ontario (Ivey)

The fulltime MBA program at Ivey is attainable for one year and begins each April of the year. It serves as the transformational experience for business leaders who wish to further develop their leadership abilities, boost their skills, and accelerate their career success in the real business market. Students of this program will be required to analyze data, become decision maker, and establish and defend their recommendations. Its MBA curriculum is provided through the use of the school’s case study methodology to expand the perspective of students on how issues affect the entire organization.

London Business School

This business institution tops at the MBA ranking for its global classroom with the primary aim of providing students with a life-changing experience. The school provides an international culture of business education as it offers learning alongside students from other parts of the world. It fosters international links that are essential in building business networks. It prepares its students in seeking and finding careers that transform their working lifestyle. It supports students in the development of their skills to be candidates for world-class recruiters through its expert and diverse career services team that includes consulting, finance and industry specialists, career and alumni coaches, and entrepreneurs.

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