1 Year MBA

Primarily, education is considered the most valuable investment for each and every one of us that we should work on and strive for. Remember there are no easy or short way of having good, quality education since it serves as a learning process attained in several years even after completing the course. With our very competitive society today, being a college graduate is not enough to reach your goals as you opt and seek for more knowledge to become a better contributor. If you are dreaming of becoming a manager or executive, get an MBA degree to receive intensive training for leadership. You can available this in two years or 1 year depending on your requirements. However, this article will delve into its 1 Year MBA approach.

1 Year MBA – Programs and Institutions

A lot of the business institutions today offer a 1 year MBA course, which is ideal for professionals who already have sufficient experience as well as an above average intellect. This program allows individuals with some years of experience in business and those who have obtained a business-related college degree to get an MBA degree in a shorter period of time. Its classes do have longer duration and students under this approach are required to pass through comprehensive and extensive study in one year. It provides you with a lot of choices in order to finish the course successfully. It compresses all the regular MBA degree lessons in one year, which is much shorter than the regular two-year MBA course.

1 Year MBA – Degree Duration and Structure

The business degree of 1 year MBA enables you to earn the MBA degree in a shorter duration unlike in any other business school (bschool) in which you will be required to join classes for 2-4 years. The course greatly benefits students and employees who want to continue their adult education through the provision of necessary skills and expertise for career growth. It is a full-time course that requires you to leave your job in case you are currently employed. You need not to worry for leaving your job since the benefits you may receive after completing the course outweighs the losses, boost your knowledge in business, and increase your chance of landing in your dream job.

It can be noted that many of global educational institutions offer one-year MBA course, reputable of which are Emory University and Cornell University in the U.S., Cambridge University and Oxford University in UK, and Instituso de Empresa in Spain. While taking one-year MBA programme from these institutions commonly cost you a significant amount, every effort exerted for this cause is worth a take.

Take note the significance of checking out first the requirements of one-year MBA program such as the necessary academic requirements and employment experience of this option if you wish to pursue the course. It is better be prepared than not all.

Generally, a 1 Year MBA course guarantees brighter future in terms of career advancement. So why not invest on yourself and on your future by attaining good leadership skills offered by this course.Please note that if you are interested in a 2 Year MBA, Stanford Online MBA can be a good Choice!!

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